Find Food for the Soul at Brenda’s Good Eats

Learn all about your new favorite restaurant in Longview, TX

21 years ago, Brenda’s Good Eats didn’t exist. There was just Brenda, a talented cook with a 50-year old hand-crank tamale machine and a secret recipe beloved by friends and family. After she brought her tamales to a wedding reception, she started receiving tons of catering orders. Finally, she gave up trying meet the overwhelming demand on her own and opened Brenda’s Good Eats right here in Longview.

Now, her famous tamales—along with Southern specialties like chicken and dumplings, chicken spaghetti and her extra special King Ranch Chicken—keep customers coming back for more. Call 903-297-7474 to find out what’s on special today.

Great food builds community

Brenda’s Good Eats has been open for more than two decades here in Longview, Texas. We moved into our current building in 2011, and it quickly became a favorite among the business lunch crowd. We love our regulars. Over the past 21 years, Brenda’s learned the names and memorized the favorite orders of more regular customers than she can count.

Make Brenda’s Good Eats your home away from home. We’ll be pleased to serve you!